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Our delicious chocolate covered nuts and coffee beans
are now better than ever (Hint: Belgian Chocolate)!
Improved quality and reduced prices!

All individual orders of $100 or more will ship FREE OF CHARGE!!!*
(* This offer applies to United States destinations only)



Why eat macadamia nuts? They are the world’s finest nuts characterized by their crisp texture, delicate flavor, versatility of use and long shelf life. Also, they are good for you. The macadamia nut contains the highest level of monounsaturated fatty acids in any natural commercial food. Medical research has shown that the consumption of macadamia nuts may significantly lower the risk of heart disease. They can be eaten as a delicious healthy snack and used in almost any recipe that calls for nuts including stir fry, fruit salads, breads and cakes.

Why eat hawaiian macadamia nuts? It’s simple; the Hawaiian cultivars produce a superior quality of nut. The nuts taste better and some say are more nutritious than the mass-produced nuts imported from Australia, South Africa, Kenya, and Costa Rica.

Why eat Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii macadamia nuts? Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii macadamia nuts are dehydrated and farm direct from a single origin. Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii is one of three growers in the world that owns the patented nut cracker that gives us the ability to dehydrate the nuts out of the shell rather than drying the nuts in the shell. Dehydration only minimally affects the nutritional value of the macadamia nut as it is the least damaging form of food preservation. Also, Dehydration uses 60% less power than conventional drying which provides a greener form of processing and the products origin is Hawaii so the shipping from a foreign land is eliminated further reducing the carbon foot print of our product.

Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii is one of the largest privately owned and operated growers of 100% Kona coffee and macadamia nuts in the South Kona District on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii has eleven different farms located in a very unique microclimate which allows for harvesting macadamia nuts year around. This provides our customers with a consistent farm direct supply of the highest quality of fresh macadamia nuts and Kona coffee from the same origin year around.

* United States destinations only.

**NEW!! - Mac’s Nut Co. of Hawaii is proud to offer Dr. Paulo’s Natural Shadegrown 100% Kona Coffee and Dark Belgian Chocolate Covered Kona Espresso Coffee Beans. Click the Order Coffee link above.